February 23, 2013

FuzzFood Adventure -PickNik

PickNik ni lokasi dia kat Publika, Solaris Dutamas. The restaurant is owned by one of the MasterChef contestant, Chef Nik Michael. So itu hari kitaorang pergi restoran dia untuk check out apa yang best ada kat sini.
Chef Nik in the kitchaaaannnn!!!!

Yang best tentang restaurant ni ialah dia punya layout, dia punya Chef akan masak depan muka kita , so kita basically boleh tengok macammana dia prepare makanan. Bayangkan kau duduk kat rumah, lepas tu ada orang masak in front of u and u are sitting in front of him waiting for the food to be served to you!

Pear, Strawberry and Watercress Salad with Honey Mustard dressing

Chef Nik preparing my food in front of me
Aglio olio with truffle, watercress and soft shell crab

The best about salad ni, The Chef said they made their salad dressing from scratch, semua dia buat sendiri, so memang fresh, dia bukan dressing dari botol punya so expect some freshness in it!
So Chef Nik asked me to try his new menu for the restaurant which is Aglio olio served with truffle and soft shell crab. Dia macam a combination of many styles, Italian, French and Japanese which is cool

Dari segi harga, expect some cafe/restaurant prices. But what I can tell u is I'm definitely coming back! other than this, try dia punya famous lamb cutlets, dia punya marinate rasa macam strong and spicy, so good. Oh yeah, dont forget to try the pumpkin soup as well.

OK masa untuk rating makanan ni;

Kita rate pakai BPM ok

60 BPM - Kurang

80 BPM - Biasa je

100 BPM - OK jugak

120 BPM - Sedap

140 BPM - Best giler!


If you want some comfort food, not pretentious, and a nice meal u might wanna check this one out.

Lagu yang sesuai makan dengan pasta ni;

East meets west, hahaha

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